First published in Jammu Enquirer

BJP’s campaign agenda took a 180 degree turn right before the 2014 Jammu and Kashmir Assembly elections following their principle of convenient politics to woo the people. They eye 44+ seats in the conflict ridden state and come bearing gifts of development and growth. For the first time BJP could be the King maker in the state, a role which was earlier occupied by the Congress. Congress’s loss has been BJP’s gain on a national and regional level, so far. Not only Jammu and Leh district but the BJP has positioned strong contenders even in Kashmir, especially in the city of Sringar. Darakhshan Andrabi is contesting against Omar Abdullah in Sonwar and Hina Bhat is the Amira Kadal candidate. Omar Abdullah’s inadeptness in light of the recent floods has driven the trust of valley of Srinagar into the laps of PDP.
Article 370, a Jammu CM are some of the initial issues picked up by the BJP, now discarded and showpieces on their wall of victories, forgotten and useless. The strongest contender, with the biggest pocket, is here to stay and show people 3D dreams but how real these simulations will be is yet to be seen.
BJP has head hunted leaders from various parties to fortify theirs and taken measures to ensure that the image of the strong authoritarian leader doesn’t get hampered. Just looking at their social media campaign one can gauge the efforts that the party is going to, to make sure that PM Modi is put forward as the positive benevolent leader who will be the answer to all J&K’s problems of peace and conflict.


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