First published in Jammu Enquirer

The mantra of development that BJP has used in Lok Sabha elections, Ram Madhav – BJP’s general secretary believes, will be accepted in J&K as well. One wonders if the politics of this state, that has seen much state inflicted violence and atrocity, is that simple. Is industrialization and capitalism the answer to all the problems of a region ideologically divided?

BJP’s ideology and Kashmir’s issues are diametrically opposed and yet to be concurred. PM Modi, BJP’s autocrat, who has been indicted for being the key propagator of the Gujarat communal riots, now seems to be the race horse that would ensure BJP’s prominence in J&K politics. The candidate list of the party for the state elections is a clear indicator of the party’s opportunistic strategies. Today there are 19 Muslim candidates from BJP gearing up to battle out the 2014 state elections.

Dr. Hina Bhat – the daughter of former NC leader Muhammad Shafi Bhat – who had been inducted into BJP in July recently said that she would be the first to take up arms if Article 370 was revoked in Jammu and Kashmir while BJP head honcho Amit Shah and PMO MoS Dr. Jitender Singh had implied that removing Article 370 would be a step towards integrating J&K as an integral part of India. When the same party issues conflicting statements it becomes hard to put one’s trust in them. Amit Shah’s strategies are transparent to those who want to see – capitalise on Muslim Boycott and secure Kashmiri Pandit votes – also reflected in Ram Madhav’s recent statement that Kashmiri Pandit’s have a right to vote in assembly polls. Pandits, he says, have a full right to be part of the “democratic” process and no, BJP is not trying to polarise the polls.

The divisive strategies played out by the head honchos of a party, backed by RSS, and with the greatest majority in the Centre has become a self-destructive machinery for the nation that previously acknowledged unity in diversity as a way of living. The systematic homogenising process begun by the Sangh Parivar is creeping into the spine of the country, affecting its nerves and arteries, collapsing the cognitive process of the people of India who are blindly dancing to the call of Hindutva, going against its principles of Sovereignty, Secularity, and Democracy. It is yet to be seen where this pied piper is leading the Nation, into a grave it has dug for itself or a Utopian future?


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