Cooking isnt something I am great at but I try. It is always a restlessness that collects over days that necessitates this action mostly. I look at the ingredients in the fridge or come up with something from memory and look up recipes that would let me use those ingredients. This time I remembered how my cousin had made pasta at home and then cooked it with a slightly cheesy sauce. To be honest she’s better at baking than Italian. Her chocolate fudge cookies are to die for. 

But this is the recipe I followed : 


Turned out to be pretty good actually. 

For the pasta : 

1. Take 300 gm flour and make dough with it by using 4 eggs and salt. 

2. Use a little oil if you want. 

3. This will take time and you have to smooth it out. 

4. Once you have the dough, wrap it in plastic wrap and keep overnight. 

5. Make the dough into tiny little balls.

6. Flatten the balls with a rolling pin 

7. Use a little flour while rolling it, try not to use oil.

8. cut the flat bread looking dough into strips and boil for 15 min, then drain and mix with the sauce. 



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